Get to the Point. Get Things Done.

The ability to communicate powerfully and succinctly has never been more important. That’s why we help busy professionals produce better writing with less effort.

An End to Bad Email.
(at least from your team)

We offer a unique training session that will help put an end to rambling, badly written emails within your team. Bad emails lower productivity, raise stress and damage careers. But the good news is fixing email isn’t expensive or difficult. Here’s how we do it:

Step One — A 2.5 Hour Workshop

We start with a combination lecture, workshop and Cut-Out-the-Bullshit meeting that will get everybody on the same page about how to communicate clearly and effectively. This session also teach people how to help each other become clearer, more powerful writers. While the focus is on email, the principles of writing quickly and well apply to all forms of communication. The gains in clarity and efficiency last for entire careers.

Step Two — Point of Need Coaching

After the class, when anybody in the group gets a bad or confusing email from anybody else in the group, they send it to us.

In less than 24 hours (most often the same business day) we rewrite it, attach instructional materials as needed and send it back to both the sender and the recipient. The recipient doesn’t have to puzzle through a bad message. The sender gets the feedback they need to improve.

Anyone can also send a question or a draft for review at any time. All feedback is fast and 100% confidential.

The Magic is a Shorter Feedback Loop

Imagine what the world would be like if learning to write was like learning to serve a tennis ball. You’d throw the ball into the air. You’d hit it. Then you’d have to wait two weeks to see if the ball made it over the net.

The reason that people have difficulty writing is not that writing is hard. It’s that they were the victims of a fundamentally flawed instructional method. We haven’t found a single person who, with a month or two of good feedback — precise, specific feedback, provided by professional writers rather than stoned English-lit grad students — hasn’t made a great progress.

Our Clients Include:

There is a short list of presenters who can captivate the attention of a group of startup CEOs for two hours. Our clients write better and have improved their messaging as a result of their time spent with Patrick. We highly recommend gw(ro) and Patrick to anyone wishing to immediately improve their writing.

— Marilyn Carpenter, Ventureprise, Inc

The feedback from my team has been fantastic. Everyone appreciated the tools and tactics provided by gw(ro) and were able to implement them immediately. They’re all writing faster, shorter… and more importantly better. I’m looking forward to rolling this out to our entire agency in 2013!

— Travis Unwin, Sitewire

“Patrick has a knack for getting what you want to say out of your head and onto the paper in a clear, concise manner. He frees you from using too many words and allows you to get to your point much quicker (or is it… more quickly?). His instant feedback and critique allow for course corrections and improvements to take place right before your eyes. At the end of the workshop, you feel better about what you have communicated, and your team knows what you want.”

— Lynne Ingersoll, Organization Development on the Edge (ODE) and Carolinas HealthCare System

People should be required to take your class to work in marketing. Like the mandatory military service in Switzerland.

— Adam Roe, Lunchbox

A Real Return on Skill Improvement

Every organization varies, but these assumptions are consistent with our experience.

With these assumptions each person saves 30 minutes a week, 25 hours a year (50 working weeks a year) and the entire cohort of 40 participants will save $30,000 in productive time the first year alone.


Email is the low-hanging fruit. But we’ve also structured training around presentations, proposals, content generation, strategic briefs and the awesome, terrible and brilliant Amazon Six-Pager. Whatever communication need you may have we can help people get to the point by thinking more clearly.

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