good words (right order) is the fastest, most enjoyable way for a professional to clarify their thinking, improve their writing and hone their persuasive abilities.

We offer customized small group training and executive coaching designed to help professionals communicate more powerfully and persuasively.

Practical Messaging

1.5 hour workshop that helps people develop messages that are more effective and persuasive with less discomfort and effort.

Practical Proposals

1.5 hour to 1/2 day workshop that helps salespeople write clear, powerful proposals that close/convert rather than confuse.

Practical Persuasion

1/2 day workshop that helps marketing professionals effectively develop and refine persuasive appeals.

Practical Communications for Leaders

1.5 hour workshop that helps leadership teams use writing to decide what should be done and make it happen.

good words (right order)

1/2 to full-day course to help people who generate content as part of their job produce better writing, faster and with less effort.

Practical Presentations

1.5 hour to 1/2 day workshop that helps people communicate more effectively and persuasively when presenting.

Part editor, part writing partner, part cheerleader, we do online coaching and training to help people reach a variety of goals. Sometimes we target a desired skill level, other times there is a defined output like a book, article or presentation. In every case we do a detailed assessment, and build an action plan to reaches the coachee’s goals.

Then we set a frequency of coaching (once a month, once a week, etc) and do real-time sessions with unlimited email support until the goals are met. Pricing is based on frequency of coaching and duration of the engagement.

“Patrick has a knack for getting what you want to say out of your head and onto the paper in a clear, concise manner. He frees you from using too many words and allows you to get to your point much quicker (or is it… more quickly?). His instant feedback and critique allow for course corrections and improvements to take place right before your eyes. At the end of the workshop, you feel better about what you have communicated, and your team knows what you want.”

Lynne Ingersoll Carolinas Healthcare System

“People should be required to take your class to work in marketing. Like the mandatory military service in Switzerland.”

Adam RoeLunchbox

“The feedback from my team has been fantastic. Everyone appreciated the tools and tactics provided by gw(ro) and were able to implement them immediately. They’re all writing faster, shorter… and more importantly better. I’m looking forward to rolling this out to our entire agency!”

Travis UnwinSitewire

“There is a short list of presenters who can captivate the attention of a group of startup CEOs for two hours. Our clients write better and have improved their messaging as a result of their time spent with Patrick. We highly recommend gw(ro) and Patrick to anyone wishing to immediately improve their writing.“

Marilyn CarpenterVentureprise, Inc